JustWorks Soaring Above the Clouds

Inspired by the best professional services in the world, JustWorks likens our practices to that of today’s finely tuned Airlines.

In Case of Emergency

Photograph: Christopher Doyle

In Aerospace and IT you want to do everything possible to avoid a mistake – the consequences can be extremely serious !

The first step in planning for the worst, is to make sure everything is readily visible. As you make your way to your seat on an airplane, you’ll see that every crucial component is clearly labelled so that it can be found in an instant, even when the smoke is rolling through the cabin. We document every process and clearly label all equipment for quick asset identification, so that in an emergency there is no guess work for what we need to get our hands on.

Sometimes emergencies take the Red-Eye flight. That’s why we constantly monitor crucial infrastructure and enable a wide variety of contact channels so that customers can easily get a hold of us when things become turbulent. Justworks always maintains a stock of spare equipment so that our customers can be back up and running the moment something breaks, not stuck troubleshooting hardware issues on customer’s time. 

Now, through our SecureWorks offering, we can help customers formulate their own custom seat-back safety pamphlets (aka Security Plans), that detail exactly how systems can be brought back online in the event of a digital or physical disaster.

Now Boarding

Photograph: Gary Hershorn/Getty Images

JustWorks has honed our process for new customers to quickly onboard all user and device information, so that everyone in your organization can easily get up and flying day 1.

All our customers need to do is flip on their overhead help light (by phone, email, text, or chat) and our IT stewards will be there in industry-leading response times. Our streamlined and customizable personnel onboarding & offboarding processes make changes to your travel party a breeze.

Pre-flight checks are a necessary part of every voyage. That’s why we continuously monitor and audit devices and users, ensuring we are ready when issues take off. Like the touch displays in the cockpit, JustWorks’ endpoint agents allow us a window into the entire IT environment from anywhere, so that we can solve issues remotely as soon as they are identified.

Maintaining a Fleet

Every plane needs a great crew. With nearly 30 years in the industry we know how to bring on the right talent to power our IT Solutions. We empower our stewards with an deep knowledge base crafted over decades, so that they have access to the proper and specific information needed. Since we bring all of our crew up to speed, we have co-pilots at the ready to prevent delayed flights caused by members being unavailable. Maintaining a fleet means having airplanes that function nothing short of optimally. From network hardware to cloud vendors, JustWorks deploys only the best hardware and software available.

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