What we do

JustWorks provides managed IT solutions to businesses with up to 1,000 users.

Our solutions are packages combining cloud applications, on-site systems and support services. The particular mix that suits each customer varies and we tailor the pricing, agreements and service levels to suit.

Use the buttons above to find out more about what’s included in each category, or use the buttons below to see what a typical package of services looks like for different examples of customer.
A guide to our fee structure is available on the this page.

Add Cloud: 40 people

IT at Add Inc. is running really well and everyone is very happy with the systems and the support they get. Thomas (not his real name) has been supporting Add Inc. for the last five years and has the full confidence of the management team.

Now Add is opening a new office in Sacramento and Thomas has been tasked with integrating the offices and making sure the people in Sacramento are as happy as the people in the main office.

Thomas knows that supporting a remote office is going to require new tools that allow him to be as effective for the people in Sacramento as he is for his existing users. On top of that there going is to be the challenge of shared file systems, distributed printer management, and keeping everything secure.

JustWorks solution for Add Inc.

JustWorks provides Thomas with the same tools that we use every day to support our customers directly. Thomas remains the point of contact for everyone at Add Inc. and he gets not just a set of remote management tools but also a Helpdesk system is manage requests and inventory.

Thomas also uses JustWorks integrated cloud services from Onelogin, Egnyte, PrinterLogic, and Sophos to give everyone at Add Inc. secure access across both offices to the same file system, all integrated into and manageable through the same Active Directory he has been using.

Thomas can call on JustWorks when he needs to, or to cover for his vacations, but otherwise he manages everything himself.

JustWorks services for Add Inc.

Service Fixed Monthly Cost
Cloud services for 40 Users (WATCH)$800
Management and security for 40 PCs (WATCH)$360

Small – 1 office, 20 people

Small Inc. needs to use a custom application written for the business some years ago which runs on a server in the office. Only a couple of people are ever out of the office, most interactions with customers are via email and phone.

The CEO wants to improve communications with customers, but is concerned about the security of opening access through the Internet. The Sales Manager reports that competitors are providing easier order processing and to win new business he needs to show that Small Inc. is keeping up with the times.

It’s been a few years since the servers were replaced and Small Inc. are advised that the systems will soon be too old to get support from the manufacturer and Microsoft. A quote to replace the servers and upgrade the operating systems has been received, but it’s $40,000 that is not in the budget for this year, or next!

JustWorks solution for Small Inc.

JustWorks provides new server hardware running the latest Microsoft server versions. This package includes Dell servers with fast SSD disks and a backup server in a rack complete with battery backup, network switches and everything needed to make it reliable.

The people at Small Inc. are happy to deal with most desktop and laptop issues themselves but want to be able to call JustWorks when they need extra help. JustWorks installs security and management agents on all computers to make they are kept up to date and secure.

The old phone system is replaced with a Zoom system that includes a phone on every desk as well as online video meeting services that allows the sales manager to quickly and easily chat, text and meet with customers online.

JustWorks services for Small Inc.

Service Fixed Monthly Cost
JW Office system & servers (MANAGE)$2,200
20 users/computers (WATCH)$200

Small Inc. also pays Zoom $500/month for the new phone system.

Medium: 3 offices/100 people

Medium Inc. has a central office in Fremont where most people are based and 2 satellite offices in Los Angeles and Portland with 10 people in each. The offices are linked with VPNs and there are servers in every office to provide network printing and file sharing. Medium Inc. switched to using Office 365 for email some years ago and recently moved off the old accounting system to NetSuite.

People at Medium are unhappy with IT. The VPN connections needed to access files are unreliable, sharing data between offices is difficult and so people are increasingly using Dropbox to share data with customers and each other. Everyone has to remember multiple passwords for the network, email, NetSuite and as a result they are often locked out trying to use the wrong password. Service requests get responded quite quickly (most of the time) in the Fremont office but people in the other offices feel like 2nd class citizens when it comes to IT.

JustWorks solution for Medium Inc.

JustWorks migrates all file sharing and printer management to the cloud so everyone at every office can work efficiently and productively wherever they are.

A single identity management system through Onelogin smoothes access and allows Medium to dramatically increase security by adding adaptive multi-factor authentication for all applications in one go. Now Medium people go through a single web portal to access NetSuite, Office365, email, files and can add other new cloud applications in the future with ease.

The VPNs are gone, the servers are gone and everyone can access the HelpDesk to get fast responses to their service requests. The CFO basks in the glory of having “fixed IT” and employee satisfaction shoots up.

JustWorks services for Medium Inc.

Service Fixed Monthly Cost
JW Office security & WiFi (HELP)$3,800
100 users with Onelogin and cloud file server (HELP)$10,000
100 computers (RUN)$3,000

Large: 10 offices/500 people

Large Inc. has grown significantly in recent years and acquired additional offices to provide coast-to-coast coverage for their customers. The existing IT team is overloaded with responsibility for day to day support as well as having to maintain multiple customised integrations with Salesforce and custom applications running in Azure.

Large Inc.’s CIO has been tasked with delivering new functionality in critical customer-facing applications to win new business as well as completing the integrations of the recent acquisitions. The IT team is dedicated and talented but spending so much time on basic support requests that the application development is falling behind schedule.

JustWorks solution for Large Inc.

If this sounds like you, you’d better give us a call and let’s discuss the options.

We would look to standardise the infrastructure across all offices, implement centralized cloud-based identity management, provide round the clock continuous security monitoring, categorise all data and apply policy-based and AI-assisted controls to maintain compliance and guard against internal and external threats.

Customer access to Large Inc’s custom apps and Salesforce logins can all be secured and managed through Onelogin, providing a single point of access control with zero infrastructure.

Onboarding and off boarding can be dramatically simplified and our HelpDesk can be API integrated with your service management systems. We can work side by side with your IT team to ensure that only the issues that need to be escalated reach them.