How we work with you

To give you an idea of how we build our partnership with you, below is a guide a typical onboarding process for a new customer and what you can expect over the longer term.

Step 1 : Defining requirements

You have certain objectives you want to achieve in the short term and based on those and the shape of your organization we can build a profile with you of the services you will need.

Typically JustWorks customers have some combination of Cloud services and on site Systems, and a number of people and devices for which some level of support services are needed. To see some examples click here.

Step 2 : Pricing & Agreements

Based on your requirements JustWorks will provide a quote that comprises some combination of these line items:

Quantities of people and devices can be varied each month.

Terms for on site systems

Charges for on site systems are subject to a 12 month minimum term.
Fixed fees subject to 30 day notice of changes.

Step 3 : Onboarding & Migrations

Before your fixed monthly services start there is normally some onboarding needed, such a deploying agents to managed systems, setting up cloud accounts for your services, and configuring our Helpdesk to suit your team. This can be done as quickly as 1 week but more usually takes 3 weeks.

On site systems are normally deployed within 4 to 6 weeks of agreement.

If migrations from older systems to JustWorks provided services is involved we work with you to complete these at appropriate times during the onboarding. We also assist with migrations between cloud platforms, such as from older server-based or other cloud file shares to our cloud file systems, or between email services such as Exchange, Office365, G-Suite and others.

Once we both agree that the services are in place we start the monthly billing for fixed fees. Until this time labor is charged T&M.

Step 4 : Ongoing support, management and maintenance

Depending on the support level you have selected the ongoing management and maintenance of your IT will be absorbed in the fixed monthly fees. Where you ask us to perform work outside of the included support we bill that time at the discount included in the support level for your Company.

JustWorks Customer Portal

All JustWorks customers have their own dedicated web portal designed and supported by JustWorks. This sophisticated and easy to use web-based portal provides these features as standard and can be customized further:

  • Real time service metrics for support requests by product, response time, resolution
  • HR provisioning request management
  • Ongoing review agenda management
  • Financial reporting including custom coding of your invoices to suit your GL coding
  • SecureWorks cyber security plan management including multiple compliances
  • User and Device inventory
  • Full Price List

Digital Sundays

Thursday evenings are our standard maintenance window, we call it “Digital Sunday“. This allows for rollback or remediation on Fridays if changes need to be reversed, and provides a buffer of the weekend in an emergency. In 24 years we have not had to use the emergency weekend buffer, but you never know.

You can request that your maintenance window is moved to the weekend but we do not advise it (for the above reasons) and there will be additional charges for T&M.

Support requests

If you have subscribed to our HELP support services then your people can call, chat, message or email our Helpdesk with any requests. If you are managing some portion of your IT yourself under the WATCH, RUN or MANAGE options you still have access to our Helpdesk for your IT team. There will be T&M charges for requests outside the included services.

Outside of normal business hours (9-5 in your time zone) we provide support on a “best efforts” basis and we have additional options for extended coverage if you need it.


Each month you receive a bill for the coming month’s fixed fees and any T&M charges from the previous month. Invoices are due within 15 days. Payment by credit card is available for 2.5% surcharge.

Step 5 : Lifecycle updates

JustWorks provided on site systems are licensed and maintained by us, either directly or through vendor support contracts. We maintain an aggressive lifecycle replacement program because it is in our interests to make sure that all systems are working at peak efficiency and reliability. The replacement of equipment and all associated labor is included in the fixed fees.

Cloud services are being continually updated, that’s one of the great advantages of them. These updates are automatically provided and included. Cloud vendors sometimes release additional features at extra cost, or just change their prices, in which case JustWorks makes these enhanced features optionally available for additional monthly fees.
JustWorks is often able to negotiate special pricing with cloud vendors because of our size and we pass these savings on to our customers in the form of more feature rich service packages or lower costs.

In the unlikely event of termination

We maintain customer relationships measured in decades not years, but occasionally, for reasons outside of our control, a parting of the ways is necessary. You may also want to understand how this would work even if you have no intention to do so.

JustWorks commits to make a separation as painless as possible.

The following options are available to ease the process:

  • Agreements are subject to a 90 day notice of termination without cause
  • You can purchase the JustWorks on site systems hardware from us and keep it running with your own licensing
  • We can transfer contracts for cloud services directly to you
  • We can use our management tools to help deploy replacement services and tools