The first point to make is that we use all of these cloud services ourselves. We understand the strengths and weaknesses of the various vendors and that means we can design solutions for our customers that just work.

Secondly, these cloud services are available with different levels of JustWorks support and management to suit your needs.

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The key to making cloud apps a benefit (instead of a hazard) is to manage identity. Access control is a fundamental requirement for security and so the ability to manage identity is absolutely essential to using applications in the cloud.

Through our partnership with Onelogin we have integrated identity management into our solutions and it is the base building block on which everything else stands. Whether integrated with Active Directory in your office or as a stand alone directory, Onelogin provides a single place through which all access passes and at which point all access is controlled.

People use one password to access office network and cloud services and SmartFactor Authentication analyses every login to determine the risk, challenging the person for additional factors whenever the risk exceeds a defined threshold.

JustWorks is also deeply experienced in providing desktop integration directly into Onelogin through the cloud, which allows roaming computers to be secured even if they never come into the office or connect via VPN. To read about a recent customer we helped with this see this Case Study.

All of the cloud services we provide are integrated through Onelogin and 100s of other cloud applications can be too.

Common cloud integrations include:

  • Adobe VIP
  • Egnyte
  • Google G-Suite
  • Microsoft Office 365
  • Zoom
  • Salesforce
  • Ringcentral

File Sharing

Files have been the bread and butter of computer networks since the beginning, and they are still central to most business processes.

The key to success when moving to cloud file sharing is not to lose access to the same files when you’re in the office, using familiar mapped drive letters like S: – everyone knows what the “shared drive” means and how to use File Explorer to navigate it.

Our cloud file solution allows everyone in the office to continue accessing the system just like they have, while providing synchronised access for people who are not in the office. This hybrid and distributed file system meets all the needs of the modern road warrior and the traditional office user without compromise and fully integrated with security and identity services.

JustWorks provides a single, unified file system accessed in and outside the office in easy and familiar ways that do not require people to learn a whole new method. At the same time allowing access from smartphones, tablets and through the web without compromising security and control.

All file access is logged allowing you to audit access and run reports whenever you need to. For complete data governance you can add the Protect service (see below).

If you’re using Dropbox, read about why you should move to enterprise file sharing.


Business communications now means more than telephone and fax, it includes conferencing, online meetings with screen sharing and video, intra company messaging, SMS texting and it all needs to be simple to use, reliable, and secure.

We work with Zoom to deliver their industry leading video meetings as well as integrated phone systems to our customers. Your people can use a desk phone, their desktop or laptop computer, or a smartphone as they wish. With the Zoom One service each person has access to all the traditional phone and fax services plus all the new Internet services.

JustWorks integrates access to Zoom through our identity management services and fully supports Zoom on our Helpdesk.
Through our Zoom Partnership we help our customers contract with Zoom for just the right the services for their needs.


Protecting every device as if there is zero trust is our starting point for security. We have partnered with Sophos to provide a complete suite of protection for every computer, every server and every Internet connection.

Sophos Intercept-X and XG firewalls

Synchronized management between Intercept-X running on the computers and the XG Firewalls protecting your Internet connections allows us insight into the applications being used and a level of control that would be impossible without both parts.

For the highest security needs we can provide continuous 24x7x365 security monitoring with proactive human-led and AI-augmented threat investigation and intrusion remediation support through our partnership with Sophos MDR.

Data Security


Off site backup and archive is no longer a matter of storing tapes in a bank vault, it is a continuous process that ensures that your data is protected through the cloud.

Using secure, redundant and resilient offsite storage we provide flexible and secure backups of your data wherever it resides.

Data governance & compliance

JustWorks also provides automated management of your data based on classifications of the content in the files. Using Egnyte Secure & Govern, a 100% cloud service, we can help you make sure all of your data (including in Google and Microsoft) is handled correctly to meet a variety of compliance requirements including NIST 800-171, CMMC, SOX, CCPA and GDPR.

Data stored in your office on Windows servers and in the cloud can all be intelligently analyzed to determine if it should be subject to policies governing retention, deletion or archive.

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  • Legal holds and privacy enquiries can be handled comprehensively with centralised management.
  • Unusual activity can be spotted and management alerted to suspicious file access.
  • Sharing links can be audited and controlled based on the classification of the files involved.


Whether your business uses Microsoft’s Office 365 or Google’s G-Suite cloud services for email, we integrate those into our solutions and are well versed in the management of those platforms.

We integrate access control through our identity service, backup the data with our data security services, protect your email with advanced security and help manage integrations with all of our other cloud services.

Microsoft Exchange on premises

Effective 2019 JustWorks no longer supports Exchange on premises servers however we do provide migration services to move email to Office 365.

JustWorks - complete cloud support


Launched in 2022, our new SecureWorks is now available to all our customers to meet rising compliance requirements for secure supply chains and cyber insurance.

We are constantly expanding our cloud integrated services and applications so call us if you don’t see what you’re looking for on this page.

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