Why choose JustWorks


Our customers have many reasons for choosing to partner with JustWorks, apart from the fact that we are really easy to deal with and truly focussed on building long term relationships. Some combination of these reasons is at the heart of every relationship we have:


Partnering with JustWorks allows your internal resources to focus on the unique applications that drive your business advantage.

Reliable and secure IT infrastructure allows employees to just get on with their work, while the people tasked with developing the business specific applications focus on what will make a difference to your customers, to your competitiveness and your success.

“JustWorks enables my company to apply proven best-practice solutions to common problems businesses experience, while offering an extraordinary degree of flexibility in their services.
This allows us to optimize our technology budget and staffing for maximum efficiency. When comparing against peers in our industry, we have found we can do more “IT” with less expense, and I believe our partnership with JustWorks plays a large role in that achievement.”


Whether you want 99.999% reliability in your systems or immediate resolution of service requests, JustWorks prides itself on delivering the highest quality IT systems and services.

We design for quality in everything we do. Decades of experience in providing reliable systems and responsive services give us confidence in our ability to deliver. We know the importance of structure, discipline and continuous attention to detail that are so important in not just creating quality solutions at one point in time but also maintaining that quality over the years.

Our average response times to requests is less than 30 minutes, our resolutions times are 90% less than 1 hour. We maintain 99.999% business hours uptime for our JustWorks 7 systems, and we only use vendors that are as committed to reliability and quality as we are.


Modern technology is necessarily complicated. What we call “IT” is in reality a combination of systems and services provided by multiple vendors interacting in complex dependencies that result in functions that people use to get their job done.

IT is not what you do, it is what you use.

Make IT Simple is our moto because we recognise that it is our job to turn all that complexity into something that makes sense for you to buy. So our services, our pricing and our agreements are all based on things that make sense to our customers: people and functions. If you need someone to be able to work remotely, then you buy a remote worker from us and we take care of all the different moving parts and services to make that a success for them.


We take security seriously.

Every employee has passed background checks, every system and service is designed for security, and every vendor has to meet our standards.

Our customers rely on us to keep on top of industry best practices and to bring those to them as part of our services. Identity protection, access controls, data backup, anti-malware and Internet security are all integral to every JustWorks service and system.

Where needed or useful JustWorks can also provide policy-based data governance to meet standards such as SOX and GDPR, centrally managed device control and encryption, as well as continuous 7x24x365 human and AI-augmented security monitoring.


Every business is different so every JustWorks customer has a customised service and systems profile to suit their needs.

Different service levels allow you to choose how much you want JustWorks to be involved in the management and support. Options for on-site systems and cloud applications allow you to pick the right combination to suit your business structure.

Our pricing allows most services to go up and down every month to suit the flow of your business. Need an extra 30 people to cope with a seasonal rush? No problem, we can add those services for as long as you need them and remove them once you don’t. Adding a new office next month but not sure if you will still need it a year from now? No problem.

Not only do we make IT simple from a technology perspective we make IT simple from a relationship perspective too. Tell us what you need and let’s see what we can do to Make IT Simple for your business.

Case Studies

Want to know more about what we have done for specific customers? This section includes case studies describing particular solutions we have developed.