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JustWorks Philosophy

From the start, JustWorks has held to two core principles which define what we do and how we do it:

  • Balance the customer relationship, such that the goals of the company and our customers are directly aligned.
  • Create a positive, nurturing work environment for engineering staff that recognizes them as individuals with lives outside work.

While these principles might seem simple and self-evident, they are, in fact, earthquakes in the IT services world. The traditional customer-vendor relationship leaves all the risks of every technology decision in the hands of the customer while the technology “expert” bills for every minute of their time, however well or poorly they do their job. That same failure puts enormous pressure on engineering staff, who are asked to be “experts” at everything and at all hours of the day, night and weekend.

By delivering structured, proven solutions to our customers, we are able to control the IT environment. That, in turn, allows us to fix the price to our customers and manage the technology environment to minimize unplanned disruptions, which improves the lives of everyone who works with our solutions.


If you would like to enquire about working with JustWorks to bring contract IT to your customers, please email info at justworks dot net. Include a cover page that describes what attracts you to JustWorks and how you think you will be able to contribute to our work. Thanks.

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