New web site!

The new JustWorks web site is launching on the WordPress platform, with exciting opportunities for contributions from a broader spectrum of JustWorks people and a more effective channel for communicating with our customers about changes in the fastest moving industry the world has ever seen.

Web sites can now be collaboration tools accessible to, and editable by, non-technical people in any organization. The WordPress platform was originally developed to support bloggers but has now evolved into elegantly simple web publishing system that goes way beyond blogging. WordPress has a built in administration interface that allows non-web-savvy people to contribute new information and maintain existing web pages without fear of messing up the rest of the site. Different users can different access, allowing some to change the look and feel of the entire site in minutes and others only to add new articles to the News section, for instance.

Part of our intention when we embarked on this new web site was to develop our own understanding of this new paradigm in web design, so that we can bring that expertise to bear in helping our customers make the same transition when they want to. We have used our learning experience to create a new WordPress server template so that our customers can have their new WordPress web server up and running in hours instead of weeks – let us know if you’d like one added to your JustWorks solution.

Amongst many interactive features of a WordPress site is the ability to get feedback by allowing visitors to add comments to your site – so if you’d like to give us any feedback on our new site just scroll to the bottom and add your comments. Thanks!