JustWorks Central

JW Central - your bridge to the cloudThe cloud solution for your critical Windows applications.

Excellent Security, Total Reliability, and access Anytime from Anywhere.

If you are looking for the ultimate in secure, flexible and cost-effective IT systems for your business applications, then JUSTWORKS CENTRAL is the right solution. Using Amazon Web services , JustWorks can create a complete enterprise class computing network suited to your needs at JustWorks Central – true “cloud computing”.

JustWorks Central delivers true cloud “anytime, anyhwere” computing services that you can access from your office, your home, on the road or even from your phone. All of your servers, Windows applications and Windows desktop systems are provisioned on a fully fault-tolerant platform from the leaders in virtualisation VMware, so your data is kept secure and your systems are always running.

Whether you are looking for a completely off site solution (private or contract cloud) or to connect to your existing IT systems (hybrid cloud), JustWorks Central can be flexibly configured to meet your needs. With JustWorks services you get the peace of mind knowing that your systems are being cared for and supported by a professional, trusted provider with a long history of excellent customer satisfaction.

  • Centralized systems provisioned on a state-of-the-art virtualized architecture in world class “cloud” data centers.
  • Enterprise technology using industry leading server, desktop and collaboration applications, including Exchange and SQL Server.
  • Network security is included in the service to protect the central systems and to ensure that only your authorized users gain access.
  • Total package includes all of the hardware, software licensing, data storage, backups and support services necessary to ensure that your systems do what you need them to do.
  • Reliability is guaranteed by provisioning all systems, servers and desktops on fully virtualized and redundant platforms so we can provide you with a 100% uptime guarantee.
  • Always available from anywhere. A true “follow me desktop” that can be accessed using Windows PCs/laptops, Macs or tablets to run full enterprise applications and office suites from anywhere. When you connect from home or on the road you get exactly the same desktop as you do in the office.
  • Live all the time, your JustWorks Central systems are always “running”, meaning that your desktops and servers continue to process data and communicate even when you are not connected.


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