JustWorks dot BIZ – This is what all cloud applications for business should be like!

Integrated and secure, JustWorks.BIZ delivers the applications you need, to the people that need them, within a secure and controlled framework that protects your business, your data and your customers. We are developing a catalog of great cloud services that compliment and integrate with our designs. These are the areas for focus for us:

Onelogin Certified Partner

  • Cloud identity – centralised, simplified, multi-cloud identity management with just one password to remember.
  • File Sync & Share with enterprise security – if you’re using Dropbox, you need to switch!
  • Global telephony – one business phone number, phone, text, fax and voicemail, anywhere in the world, always in your pocket.
  • Secure Internet – a wide ranging mission to deliver corporate connectivity everywhere, matched with manageable and effective security everywhere.
  • Cloud backup to keep your data secure an accessible – the best protection against ransomware is to have a very recent backup.

Accessible anywhere from any device.

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