Purchasing equipment

JustWorks is not a reseller, so we do not supply hardware except as included in our services.
But we often get asked for our advice about what to buy. Here are our typical suggestions in different categories.


We use Dell PCs and Apple Macs. We let the user choose whichever platform they prefer.

Windows PCs

For desktop PCs we prefer the Dell Optiplex for normal office use, and Precision desktops for power users.

For laptops we suggest the Latitude range.

We suggest a minimum of:

  • 16GB RAM
  • NVMe disk drive 200GB
  • Intel i7 processors
  • 5 year Basic Onsite service

Always order your Dell computers with the 5 year warranty. They will normally last 5 years and it will always be more expensive to purchase service extentions than buy up front. A single repair, out of warranty, will cost ~$200.

Do not buy Office or other apps with the computer ā€” better to get these via subscription.

Docking stations for laptops

The newer Dell docking stations all use USB-C connections, and should work with most new laptops that also have USB-C ports.

Dell accessories

You can look up any Dell computer at the Dell Support website using the Service Tag (see label on the computer). From the results screen you will see a link to purchase accessories compatible with that computer.

Apple Macs

All of the Apple Macs are supported by JustWorks services.

If your business will be buying more than a couple of Macs and some iPhones and iPads then setup an Apple Business Manager account first ā€” you need to go to your local Apple Store and ask them to setup an account for your business. JustWorks customers should contact us first, as the process can be a convuluted and needs to be setup right in the first place. Once setup you will have a custom store where you can order Apple products and they ship from the factory as company-owned devices and enabled for management. That way the Macs/iphones/ipads can be shipped directly to the user, without needing hands-on configuration beforehand.

Phones & Tablets

Apple iPhones and iPads make the best business devices as they are more easily managed and more secure.



We suggest Logitech cameras. They are all good ā€” the more you spend the better they are.

Audio Headsets

We think the Plantronics Blackwire headphones are all very good.

Make sure you get the right connector for the computer and any other devices you might want to use the same headphones with. USB-C will work with most newer Dell computers, all Macs and iPads (but not iPhones).

Network Cables

Search amazon.com for “monoprice slim”. These network cables are good for most uses. 15′ cables for desks provide enough length to route through the desk furniture.

For our equipment we use Panduit cables in different colors but these are much more expensive and not necessary for use at the desk.

Network Switches

Contact us for recommendations for your specific needs.