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VMware Enterprise Service ProviderJustWorks provides a fully vCloud compliant infrastructure as a platform service for enterprise customers looking to expand their internal VMware virtualized systems capacity.

Using JustWorks’ virtual infrastructure (vIaaS) as an extension of your existing network is as simple as installing the vCloud Connector to your vCenter administration console. You will be able to manage your virtual machines running on the JustWorks platform just as if they were running on your in house systems. For more information about VMware, check out our vmware information page.

JustWorks vCloud infrastructure runs in the world’s leading IBX data centers provided by Equinix. Full multi-layer security with highly available power systems ensure that our vCloud is always up, and our peering with Equinix Direct ensures that your systems are always available because Internet bandwidth is simultaneously available from multiple backbone providers.

To expand your capacity and start your transition to the cloud, contact us today and let’s start a conversation about how you can leverage our comprehensive business IT support services, customized configurations and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We have used decades of engineering expertise to build the highest quality platform without single points of failure, and our Enterprise Service Provider Partnership (VSPP) with VMware ensures that we can provide the most expert support to keep everything running reliably.

Since 1996 JustWorks has been building and supporting discreet computing modules for business across the country. Our solutions have been designed to deliver 100% uptime and always been supplied for fixed monthly fees. Now we have brought our experience and expertise to the cloud with a range of solutions leveraging virtualized infrastructure in datacenters across the world. vCloud PoweredWe understand business IT, we understand how to build reliable IT, and we understand how to support enterprise IT – when you choose JustWorks as your partner for IT services you get a whole lot more than gigahertz and gigabytes, you get the security and confidence that comes with years of successful IT implementations.

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JustWorks : 866-JUSTWORKS

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