State of IT 2017

As we start the New Year it’s appropriate to look at the state of I.T. and give you the JustWorks perspective on where the best path forward will take us.

First we need to remember that the basic structure of a computer has not changed: a computer uses a processor to process data that is kept on storage. The proximity of the processor to the storage is still absolutely key, and that affects how “cloud services” work, or don’t work. The larger the data being processed, the more important it is that the processor and the data it is working on are joined by a fast connection, so applications like CAD and accounting cannot tolerate a situation where the processor and the storage are separated by the typical Internet link available to most businesses today. Either the data needs to be local (in the same place, like the office) to the computer, or the processing needs to be done remotely, close to where the data is.

Using this model we can more easily understand the different cloud services that are available.

  • “True cloud” services are where both the processing and the storage are provided by the vendor, so all the user needs is a window into their systems — a good example is QuickBooks Online, where the data and the processing are done on Intuit’s servers and all you need is a web browser to see the results.
  • “Hybrid cloud” services are where the processing and the storage are not always colocated. A good example of these type of services are the cloud file services, where the files exist in the cloud but are also replicated locally so that they can be used by your (local) computer. Hybrid solutions typically require both some local systems and some remote (cloud) systems to deliver the solution effectively.

For the majority of businesses the world of cloud services has not advanced to the point where they can replace their local applications, and it may well be many years before that is true. So most businesses are stuck in between the old world of local networks and servers, and some combination of the true and hybrid cloud services.

The way forward is to be ready to move applications to the cloud when that becomes feasible, and in the meantime get as much advantage as possible from hybrid cloud services without breaking what works on the local, office-based network. This is what we have designed JustWorks 7 to deliver.

jw7JustWorks 7 is our seventh major design revision in our 21 year history, and just happens to neatly coincide with 2017 as the launch year. In designing JustWorks 7 we have preserved the ability of our customers to continue to run the applications they need on their office network, while also providing the benefits of a distributed cloud file system that is available from anywhere on any device. Customers can share their data securely with partners and vendors, enable remote working, and still have lightening fast access in the office.

JustWorks 7 provides a platform that supports local applications today, and is ready for those applications to move to a cloud service provider as soon as our customers are ready to do that. Our design is a “hybrid cloud” that prepares our customers to move to “true cloud” when the time is right.

Our new design moves the core collaboration tools of email, calendaring and file sharing so that they are cloud based, but easily accessible from the office too. The reference design for JustWorks 7 is based on using Microsoft’s Office 365 services for email, but can also accommodate anyone who would prefer to use Google, Amazon or another vendor for email. The JustWorks 7 cloud file service works equally well irrespective of which vendor is providing the email services.

JustWorks 7: designed for the future, and today.
We make IT simple.

Email encrypton added

JustWorks has added the ability for our customers to send encrypted emails.

Should you need to send secure email, for instance to the bank or other security sensitive recipient, you need only mark the email as “Confidential” in the sensitivity setting (in Outlook, or through webmail Options…).

The email will automatically generate a request to the recipient to create their own password. After they have created their password, all emails will be delivered to them as PDF documents, encrypted with their password, and attached to an email – they use the password they set to open the PDF.
There is a reply button in the PDF that allows them to send you a secure reply using a web portal.
All subsequent emails to the same recipient will use the same password. If unused for 90 days they will have to create a new password.
We can reset the password for anyone who has lost/forgotten theirs, but that will not get them access to old emails encrypted with their old password.

There is no charge for this service, and any user can send as many secure emails as they wish to as many people as they wish. Service requests for password resets and troubleshooting will be billable.

The best way to get a feel for how it works is to send yourself a Confidential email to your personal/home email address.

We hope this new feature will prove useful to your company.

New Email security from Reflexion

2fbc1856f1480bb04c0449b8eb78109dAll JustWorks customers will be moved to new email spam security services before April 30th 2016.

The old provider of these services (McAfee/MXlogic) have decided to cease providing this service, and so we are switching to Reflexion to provide the same SPAM filtering and email continuity services.

What will it cost me?

Nothing. Services remain as is, and any additional costs are carried by JustWorks, so long as you subscribe at the MANAGE service level or higher.

When will it happen?

We will let you know your exact cut-over date, which will be a weekend.

You will receive a Welcome email, and starting on the Monday the notices you receive regarding SPAM messages in your Quarantine will look a little different.

What do I have to do?

Nothing. JustWorks will handle all of the migration and transition as part of your contract services, so long as you subscribe at the MANAGE service level or higher.

You should familiarise yourself with the new web site features of the new service.

New “cloud” services for 2016

JustWorks has added some key new services to our full service managed systems portfolio. All of these services are available as extensions of your existing services, and they have all been tested by JustWorks in production.

To provide advanced services for the new “cloud” era we are offering new services to meet the following needs:

  • Messaging, fax, conferencing & phone in single unified service
  • File sharing accessible from any device, any where at any time
  • Security enhancements for your Internet connection

Messaging, fax, conferencing & phone

We are happy to announce that we have partnered with RingCentral to bring you fully unified communications in the cloud.
RingCentral can completely replace your phone system, or just add additional functionality to what you already have. The service includes “follow me” phone numbers so that you only ever need to provide a single phone number for your business contacts to reach you, no matter whether you are sitting at your desk or on the road (even where you have WiFi but no cell phone signal!). The service also includes unlimited calls and SMS messaging in the continental USA, fax and voicemail to email integration, and last but not least online conferencing for phone, screen sharing and HD video.
You can find out more at or just call us and we can walk you through how it might fit with your needs.
Pricing ranges from $40/month for your whole company, to $40/user/month for full phone functionality including a desk handset.

File sharing accessible from any device, any where at any time

JustWorks has partnered with Egnyte to enable the extension of your in-office file sharing out into the rest of the world, all while maintaining the high levels of security you have come to expect from JustWorks solutions.
Once we have setup your cloud file server, you will be able to access all your files from any web browser, smartphone, tablet or remote computer, with ease. You can also create connections for your vendors and subcontractors to share specific files/folders securely with them.
You can find out more at or just call us and we can walk you through how it might fit with your needs. The first 2 users and 1Tb is included in our Manage service level, and pricing is $20 or $40 per user/month after that, depending on what version you choose.

Security enhancements for your Internet connection

We have migrated all JustWorks installations to the Sophos security platform – there’s nothing you need to do, this is part of our service.
Now that the Sophos security system is in place at your offices we will be able to enhance your Internet and network security with better WiFi security, email encryption, and load balancing over multiple Internet connections.

We will also offer Sophos Reflexion email security as an alternative for email SPAM filtering, as McAfee are discontinuing their service.
We will be in touch with you when we roll this out to your site.

We are excited to be able to offer these new services, and look forward to making them simple for you take advantage of.

JustWorks’ new San Jose offices

JustWorks, San Jose - 2880 Zanker Rd, STE 203JustWorks is moving to new offices in San Jose on September 15th 2012.

Our new address

Starting now you can change the address you have for JustWorks in your address books and accounting systems to:

2880 Zanker Road, STE 203
San Jose CA 95134
Nothing else changes, we still have the same phone numbers, web sites and email addresses.

In this new location we are ideally located for access to all customer locations, and for close liaison with our service partner for Northern California, ZAG Technical Services.

JustWorks Enhances Services

JustWorks is pleased to announce improvements to both the depth and the range of services that we offer.

IT from JustWorks includes many unique benefits with our integrated contract hire service:

  • fixed fees, make business planning easier
  • integrated asset lifecycle management & software licensing, take the hassle out of IT procurement
  • our designs deliver the most reliable computing systems possible.

Our customers also rely on us to provide specialized technical services to get the most out of their investment in technology. To meet the increasing demands of our customers, we have partnered with San Jose’s largest independent IT service company to provide a comprehensive upgrade in our technical services capacity and capability. We are very happy to be joining forces with ZAG Technical Services starting in September to provide:

  • wider HelpDesk hours: 4am to 5pm weekdays, and 8am to 5pm on weekends!
  • deeper skills in databases and applications
  • a bigger team – with over 40 network, database and software engineers!

ZAG Technical Services
This partnership will greatly improve the range and depth of our technical services, without any increase in our pricing. Together, JustWorks and ZAG can deliver a range of solutions that neither of us could separately; JustWorks continues to provide unique contract hire and private cloud services, leveraging our investments in JustWorks Central, and now those are available to ZAG customers as well.

JustWorks and ZAG have worked together for many years on joint customer projects, and this partnership strengthens and enhances our long standing cooperation. ZAG is a Gold Microsoft Partner founded in 1998, with a strong track record of delivering business solutions to businesses of all sizes in California.

This is an exciting development for JustWorks and will greatly enhance the services we deliver. For more information don’t hesitate to call 866-JUSTWORKS.

New web site!

The new JustWorks web site is launching on the WordPress platform, with exciting opportunities for contributions from a broader spectrum of JustWorks people and a more effective channel for communicating with our customers about changes in the fastest moving industry the world has ever seen.

Web sites can now be collaboration tools accessible to, and editable by, non-technical people in any organization. The WordPress platform was originally developed to support bloggers but has now evolved into elegantly simple web publishing system that goes way beyond blogging. WordPress has a built in administration interface that allows non-web-savvy people to contribute new information and maintain existing web pages without fear of messing up the rest of the site. Different users can different access, allowing some to change the look and feel of the entire site in minutes and others only to add new articles to the News section, for instance.

Part of our intention when we embarked on this new web site was to develop our own understanding of this new paradigm in web design, so that we can bring that expertise to bear in helping our customers make the same transition when they want to. We have used our learning experience to create a new WordPress server template so that our customers can have their new WordPress web server up and running in hours instead of weeks – let us know if you’d like one added to your JustWorks solution.

Amongst many interactive features of a WordPress site is the ability to get feedback by allowing visitors to add comments to your site – so if you’d like to give us any feedback on our new site just scroll to the bottom and add your comments. Thanks!