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Chat Bot not Jackpot: Chat GPT & IT Solutions

Chat GPT and other AI platforms are being scrutinized for their potential to solve problems at a speed and scale exceeding human norms. What human lead tasks today would be done more efficiently and could be replaced fully by AI in the future?

While many people’s considerations drift to the hypothetical endgame of idealized Artificial Intelligence, JustWorks maintains a realistic outlook on computer generated responses and have thoroughly tested Chat GPT’s ability to solve technical problems – one might think that IT would be a field in which Chat GPT would excel. However, our testing has showed that Chat GPT is only provides the correct response to a wide variety of IT problems around half of the time. This is largely due to two of AI’s limits:

  • How it is prompted (hard to do!)
  • Only being able to draw conclusions from the data set it is trained on

As IT Solutionaries, we know that effective service results from the ability to solve novel issues as they arise. In a fast paced environment where issues need to be resolved accurately and in a timely manner, there simply isn’t room for this degree of error.

The Bay Area Cools Off

Businesses in the Bay Area saw employment costs heat up as wages rose at an accelerated rate in 2021/22. However, it appears the climate is shifting as companies adjust to post-pandemic conditions.

Early this year, we reported on tech companies lightening payroll with large job cuts as financial tides went out. Data from the Labor Department shows, these loses have taken a toll on Silicon Valley with counties reporting average weekly salaries decreases of around 20 percent compared to 2021 !

It appears companies are looking to the horizon and choosing to keep those vital jobs which keep the cogs turning and shying away from highly specialized and cost intensive positions. Many organizations across The Bay Area are likely relieved to see they are not going to be priced out of the market for finding the right talent.

Sophos Adaptive Attack Protection

Sophos recently added the ability for Sophos Endpoint to dynamically apply active protection when an on hands keyboard attack is detected. This is next level capability can recognize malicious behaviors in real-time and gives customers valuable time to neutralize active adversaries before a breach occurs. Interest in Adaptive Attack Protection is widespread as companies face the threat of insider attacks with growing numbers of non-localized workers and handling the challenges of complying with cyber security standards with on-site visitors. Watch how

Sophos continues to top the G2 Grid® as the only cybersecurity provider that qualifies as a Leader across:

  • Endpoint Protection Suites
  • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)
  • Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
  • Firewall Software
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

G2 independent, verified customers rated Sophos the #1 overall XDR and Firewall solutions. We have many years of experience implementing Sophos to provide the best cyber security for our customers.

If you’d like to know how you can utilize Sophos to achieve the best protection, give us a call on 866-JUSTWOR or email

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