JustWorks Enhances Services

JustWorks is pleased to announce improvements to both the depth and the range of services that we offer.

IT from JustWorks includes many unique benefits with our integrated contract hire service:

  • fixed fees, make business planning easier
  • integrated asset lifecycle management & software licensing, take the hassle out of IT procurement
  • our designs deliver the most reliable computing systems possible.

Our customers also rely on us to provide specialized technical services to get the most out of their investment in technology. To meet the increasing demands of our customers, we have partnered with San Jose’s largest independent IT service company to provide a comprehensive upgrade in our technical services capacity and capability. We are very happy to be joining forces with ZAG Technical Services starting in September to provide:

  • wider HelpDesk hours: 4am to 5pm weekdays, and 8am to 5pm on weekends!
  • deeper skills in databases and applications
  • a bigger team – with over 40 network, database and software engineers!

ZAG Technical Services
This partnership will greatly improve the range and depth of our technical services, without any increase in our pricing. Together, JustWorks and ZAG can deliver a range of solutions that neither of us could separately; JustWorks continues to provide unique contract hire and private cloud services, leveraging our investments in JustWorks Central, and now those are available to ZAG customers as well.

JustWorks and ZAG have worked together for many years on joint customer projects, and this partnership strengthens and enhances our long standing cooperation. ZAG is a Gold Microsoft Partner founded in 1998, with a strong track record of delivering business solutions to businesses of all sizes in California.

This is an exciting development for JustWorks and will greatly enhance the services we deliver. For more information don’t hesitate to call 866-JUSTWORKS.

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