Windows 2003 in the cloud? Yes!

The JustWorks Central cloud can host servers running a wide range of operating systems, including Windows Server 2003.

Thousands of businesses and organizations have applications that still require Windows 2003 to run. For some the cost of upgrading the application to a version that supports newer operating systems is prohibitive, for others the time and effort required to rewrite their applications to run on a newer operating system is taking longer than planned. Whatever the reason, the fact is that these are often core, critical applications and they need to be kept running.

Stuck on old hardware

The situation is complicated by the difficulty of getting old operating systems to install onto new hardware; often there are no drivers to support the more modern chipsets and peripherals built into new computers. So old operating systems tend to be left running on old hardware, further compounding the problem and increasing the chance of a disastrous failure.

Custom clouds for unique businesses

JustWorks Central provides a boutique cloud platform that allows our customers to define their needs very precisely, and get just the right cloud, built just for them. We can support any operating system that runs on VMware, and that means any of the following, to name just a few:

  • Windows Vista, XP, 7
  • Windows 2003
  • Windows 2008, R2
  • Windows 2012, R2
  • Red Hat
  • Ubuntu/CentOS
  • Apple OSX

So if you have an old Windows server that needs a new home, JustWorks Central is the 5 star hotel it deserves at the budget price you want.

From your old hardware to our new cloud

JustWorks services include the ability to ‘scrape’ your old Windows server off the old hardware it is running on now, and convert it into a virtual machine that will run happily on our cloud infrastructure. And because we use VMware standards, your new old server is fully transportable – take it to any vCloud you like, or even bring it back in house next year!

Your cloud, built just for you

Find out more about how a JustWorks Central cloud built just for you can improve your business’ return on IT and deliver the most reliable, hassle-free platform for your applications, old and new! Call us today.


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